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The Methotaku's Rambleings

Thoughts of a Moderately Progressive Methodist Christian Anime nut

Enthusiastical Methodist
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I call myself the Methotaku, because I am a Methodist and an otaku. Otaku is a Japanese word that literally means 'enthusiast'. In Japan it has come to mean someone who takes his enthusiasm for a particular subject to unhealthy extremes. In America it is a slang term for someone who enjoys Japanese animation, or 'anime', which I do. However, I call myself the Methotaku not so much because of that as because I am enthusiastic, about Methodism itself, sometimes unhealthily so.

I'm the pastor of a small United Methodist Church outside of Upper Sandusky Ohio, called Smithville UMC. If you want to visit us, please email me for directions.

Feel free to friend me without asking; I will friend you if I like what you have to say and/or I think we have interests in common. I read a lot of fic and write a bit of it, but I don't usually use this journal for that purpose.

I've removed most of my interests because I now have a different journal for anime-type stuff. This journal will now be exculsivly for Christian and Methodist content. Email me for the other journal if you wish.